Interviews & Galleries

Interviews & Galleries

It's a real honour when I'm asked to be interviewed - from brands I'm collaborating with to wholesome student newspapers - I'm grateful for the chance to have my story heard!

A lot of the questions repeat themselves, but as I review my past retold, I also get to witness how my mindset has changed throughout the years (and perhaps my writing has gotten better haha - one can hope).

Enjoy my story and journey with Puglie through the years!

2023 - Canvas Rebel: Meet Euge Leung

2022 - The Peak: Three Vancouver-based Artists from Fan Expo 2022

2022 - Puglie x Kura Sushi Interview

2019 - Pacific Rim: Creating Puglie Pug

2018 - Gallery Nucleus and For Fans By Fans Presents Puglie Pug - Exhibit and Gallery

2017 - Q+A with

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