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Puglie Labs Misfit Sticker

Puglie Labs Misfit Sticker

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These are the Oopsie Poopsie Puglies - they're (mostly) stickers from Puglie Labs that are a bit misfit. Their cut lines may be a bit off, or there's a little off-color.

While they aren't too bad, they didn't pass my quality control for being normally sold; however, I feel sad simply throwing them out. So for a small adoption fee, you'll get a random Oopsie Poopsie with your order, and hopefully he'll find a spot in your heart <3

❗ This is a Puglie Lab's Creation - thank you for your patience and understanding with homemade goods! Stickers are roughly 2.75" and are laminated with a soft touch finish!
💧 Water Resistant
☀️ UV Protected
🚫 Not Dishwasher Safe
💖 Phones, laptops, and notebooks!