Art VS Artist 2022

Art VS Artist 2022

A square image made up of 9 pictures.  Top left is the Gordon Ramsay Idiot Sandwich meme, but instead of the female chef's face, it is Puglie squished between two slices of bread.  Top middle is a Puglie Sticker Society post featuring Puglie on a laptop, "Thicc Boi" Puglie, and Puglie Lickie circle sticker.  Top right is a collage of Puglie Casetify phone cases on a checkered green and yellow tile table.  Mid left is Puglie dressed as Anya from Spy x Family.  Middle is Euge, the artist, dressed in a yellow beanie and puffy yellow jacket doing a running-man pose.  Mid right is Puglie dressed up as a matcha and vanilla soft serve swirl parfait from Matcha Cafe Maiko.  Bottom left is Puglie dressed up as Otafest's mascots Seph and Aurora on a Japanese yoyo-balloon. Bottom middle is Puglie dressed up as a seared salmon japanese mayo sushi from Kura Sushi. Bottom right is a featured post for Japan Market that showcases the Puglie Mart Grocery Bag.
It rains so much in Vancouver that you have to be your own sunshine! Or egg? 🌞🥚
It's #ArtvsArtist2022, and I wanted to take this time to reflect on a lot that happened that... doesn't even seem real?

1. Idiot Sandwich

This was the most popular design of 2022, and understandably so! It made me laugh because, here's the thing, Puglie wouldn't know he's an idiot sandwich, he'd just think he's a sandwich! So thank you all for loving this sandwich (we all know he's an idiot (read: lovingly)) 🍞

2. Sticker Society "Hello, this is Puglie!"

2022 is the first FULL year of Sticker Societies! I've always wanted to create this sticker subscription, but my biggest worry was keeping up with it, and I'm so proud I was able to despite my conventions. I'm undoubtedly so THANKFUL FOR ALL YOU SOCIETY MEMBERS that continue to be in this cult 🥺💖 Your support is beyond words, and I can't wait to have more fun with our cult in the future 💖💖💖 I specifically chose the "Hello, this is Puglie," cult offering because it was my redraw, my look back and see that I've improved in drawing Puglie, and art??? I've been drawing this boi for 8 years... it's wild to think that. It's wild to think I'm improving, and that you're all in this journey with me. Thank you. So much!

3. Casetify, Matcha Cafe Maiko, Otafest, and Kura Sushi Collaborations

Regardless of how local, nation, or worldwide my collaborations were, it all started with me thinking the message was a scam, and then pinching myself, and then screamingcryingthrowingup (in a good way). It's a massive honour to be reached out to by established businesses wanting to partner up with my humble little pug 🥺 My mission with Puglie is to spread more moments of joy in even the smallest ways 💖 So thank you all who have collaborated with me to share the same mission, for trusting me with your brand, and for believing in Puglie! I'm excited for what future collaborations Puglie will have, but I sincerely hope we'll get to work together again some day!

4. Anya Puglie

Y'ALL HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR IT. I'VE BEEN ASKING FOR IT. YES. I want more anime fan art, and I'm going to MAKE THAT TIME. Thank you all for taking Pugya on all your ootings 🥜💖

5. Japan Market Featuring Grocery Bags

It was my first time exhibiting at Japan Market (Summer and Winter), and I'm just blown away by the sheer amount of support from locals who may not normally visit an anime or comic convention. Stepping out of your niches can be scary, and sometimes it doesn't work out. But the joy Puglie is able to spread to so many continues to astound me. I want to do more market, AND reach out to more stores! As for the grocery bag, you'd think a bag isn't that special, but for me, it was my first time making this type of merchandise, and it's a stepping stone for me to explore more with Puglie on my own!

I've had some rocky lows in 2022, but looking back, I have to appreciate my highs, and the hard work my team and I put in! I'm working on being better at giving myself credit instead of always feeling like I'm not doing enough (hard to remind yourself you're human aha) 😖

I'm looking forward to healthier, and more amazing adventures with Puglie and all of you in 2023! Thank you, again and again, for being on this journey with me.

Let's create joy in even the smallest moments, and spread more of it together 💖💨

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