Honey and Butter Collaboration 2021

Honey and Butter Collaboration 2021

This is my second collaboration with Honey and Butter, and I was honoured to be invited back, not only to the store, but in to Honey and Butter's founder's personal passion project - her Creature Macaron Piping Guide!

A faux magazine cover featuring Puglie for the magazine "Puglie", showing the Honey and Butter logo in the top right area under the Puglie logo, along with headlines such as "Pipe like a Pro," "Butter, Batter, and Booty - everything you need to know to make the plumpest Puglies," and "Take the Challenge - How many macarons can you eat in one sitting?"

Leanne's project was a massive guide on how to decorate macarons and make them in to your favourite characters from games, shows, and artists!

I drew Puglies to use as graphic assets throughout the guides just to give each page a little more love and poots!

An assortment of Puglie illustrations, such as him putting in a pan of macaron shells in to a yellow oven, or Easy-Bake Oven, him using a toothpick to poke airbubbles, him lying on a giant piping bag, him eating a giant macaron, and him lying on his back with an enlarged belly and a single macaron laying on top of the belly.
We planned a launch date for the online release of the Puglie guide, and in store, Honey and Butter baked some Puglie macarons for that day only! The first 50 people in line at the store received goodie bags, and we had a giveaway a week prior for local customers in which the winner would go to the store to pick up on the day of!
A square image showing Puglie with hearts in his eyes holding a pile of macarons in his arms, and the logo for Puglie and Honey and Butter to the right of him. The text on the image states December 11th, 10:00am at the Irvine Spectrum Center is where the festivities for the launch date is. Online is where you can get the Digital Piping Guide. In-Store, the first 50 in line will get a goodie bag, there will be character macarons available.
A messy pile of Puglie stickers and keychain packed in to singular cellophone bags that have a small square sticker saying “Honey and butter” in the bottom left corner of the bags.
Initially, I was supposed to fly down for a small pop up, but unfortunately due to COVID restrictions at the time, we had to save this occasion for a later date. Regardless, the outpouring of love at the event was amazing! I was so grateful to see the excitement of fans online and to see snaps of the line up in front of the store! And of course, Honey and Butter macarons are absolutely worth the line up hehe!
A screenshot of an Instagram story from Puglie Pug resharing a story from Honey and Butter showing the Puglie macarons on a baking sheet. The caption says “Who is excited for tomorrow?!”
Puglie Pug face macaron made by Honey and Butter held by a customer's hand.
It was such an honour to be invited back for such a personal project, to do what I could to support the store, and create an experience for fans I haven't seen in such a long time 😭
I really hope I'll have another chance to partner up with Honey and Butter, and to create an event that'll bring more smiles to more fans :3 💖

If you're interested in learning how to create creature macarons, visit Leanne's website for the piping guide! The book is sold physically in stores only, but some pages are offered online for free!

Follow Honey and Butter's Instagram to see what delicious treats they're baking everyday, and definitely plan a visit 👀 ! Their Milk and Honey macaron... I cry whenever I think about it. I miss it so much.
Relive the launch day via my Instagram highlights here!
Image of the Puglie Piping Guide on an iPhone with an assortment of Puglie Macarons scattered to the right of the phone.
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