Puglie Sticker Society Membership

Puglie Sticker Society Membership

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Welcome to the Puglie Sticker Society

A SUPER SECRET society that we hope many people will know about, and a VERY EXCLUSIVE group that anyone can join! (Are we doing this right???)

This is a monthly sticker cult where you'll receive the newest Puglies, as well as exclusive designs that will never be sold outside of the society! 
Members will also have the key to The Cult Vault where you can adopt previous cult offerings at a discounted rate!

Additional digital cult offerings are available for all members subscribed to The Loop!

❓ How will I know what the upcoming designs are?
Be sure to keep up to date with us on all social medias, or sign up for The Loop for direct sneak peeks!

❓ What kind of stickers will I be receiving?
Commonly, it'll be four 2.5" die cut stickers - 3 new designs and 1 exclusive! Depending on the theme of the month, you may receive six 1.5" die cut stickers, or one sticker sheet, etc, solely based on what's the best way to represent the artwork!

❓ What are the quality of stickers?
We're TAKING OVER THE WORLD with the usual manufactured long lasting stickers, perhaps some with special effects!
💦 Waterproof
☀️ UV Protected
🚿 Dishwasher Safe
💖 Phones, cars, water bottles, laptops, luggages, and more!

❓ When will I be charged?
You will be charged upon check out, and recurring charges are on the 18th of every month!
Cut off date for receiving the society's upcoming cult offerings is on the 20th - so be sure to subscribe/purchase the one-time cult offering BEFORE the 20th!
i.e. If you subscribed on the 19th of September, you'll be receiving October's Society Adventures! But if you subscribed on the 20th of September, you'll be receiving November's pack!

❓ When are stickers shipped?
First Tuesday of every month*!
If your Society Membership is combined with other shop items, the other items will be held and shipped altogether.
*Unless a holiday shifts a business day!

❓ How do I cancel my society membership?
Every email you receive regarding the subscription will have a button to "Manage Your Subscriptions"! Through there, you can cancel at anytime! If you're really stumped, feel free to message me! There's no pressure and no worries for needing to leave the society - we're happy you were a part of it in the first place, and hope you enjoyed your time!