a little pug with big dreams

Puglie’s a pug!

A pug that’s full of whimsy, charm, and poots.
He's always ready for the adventures the world has to offer, and the friends he has yet to meet!

His goal is to give you moments of joy that you'll hold dear! Joy that will get you through the toughest times - one day at a time!

Puglie Pug popping from the bottom of the frame to wink and wave at you, pauses, and waves one last time before popping back down out of frame.

join along on his adventures!

Enjoy the journeys we'll have together via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!
Catch Euge and Puglie live on Twitch, or even face to face at Events!

Take your own little poot out on adventures by adopting one in the Puglie Mart, or visit the Puglie Mall for more merch via other distributors!

If you have anymore questions or comments, feel free to send me a message :D

  • euge

    Likes drawing pugs, likes petting them even more :3

    Thankful for this small team to help lift up Puglie, and grateful for all of you loving this hefty boi so much <3

    Get to know Euge & Puglie 
  • kazha

    Kazha is Puglie’s digital shopkeeper, ensuring your pootie-pals have a safe journey from us to you! In their off-time, she’s playing video games, eating weird snacks, and thrifting as many wacky outfits as possible.

    Thrift hunt with Kazha