• Poot Truck Festival Friends 💖

    Puglie's friends are rollin' in to celebrate the festivities!

    Be sure to check them all out and show them lots of love! 💖 ➡️

  • ChickenRiceBowl

    Serving up anime cuties since 1738.

    Use code "PootTruckFest" for 10% off!

    Visit ChickenRiceBowl 
  • Zero Bae

    Hey there! Here at Zero Bae our passion lies in creating cute products for you and your car!

    Use code "BAE15" for 15% Off!

    Visit Zero Bae 
  • Maofriends

    We specialize in Cat doing things they're not supposed to do on stationary, apparel and accessories.

    Use code "ITSPOOTINGTIME" for 15% Off + Poot Truck Maofriends sticker! YAHOO!

    Visit Maofriends 
  • Pocketbun

    Pocketbun Shop is a Calgary based artist who loves to create cute art and illustrations based off of her OC Tofu, and specializes in all things stationery! You'll be sure to find your everyday journaling & deco essentials, as well as a huge variety of other great products whether you're a stationery addict or just enjoy collecting cute things!

    Use code "SAVE10" for 10% off!

    Visit Pocketbun 
  • Little Corgo

    Hello, I’m Little Corgo, a Vancouver-based Corgi owner & fanatic who loves creating for fellow Corgi crazies out there. 
    I transform my silly little illustrations into stationery and lifestyle goodies ranging from stickers, pins, apparel, and more.
    All of my Corgi creations are inspired by two of my own Corgis, Oliver and Chester, and also my own personal experiences, interests, and hobbies!

    Use code "PUGLIE" for 15% off!

    Visit Little Corgo 
  • Hallo Carmo

    Hallo Carmo is a female p.o.c. run small art business from Vancouver B.C..
    I'm the small shop with big feels! My aim is to create artwork that celebrates all types of emotions and laugh (or cry) at the lemons that life throws at us...together!! At times, Hallo Carmo's art is relatable and at other times, Hallo Carmo is just downright silly. Let's ride together on this rollercoaster of life and reignite the childhood wonder and joy inside of us!

    Use code "POOTTRUCK2024" for 20% off!

    Visit Hallo Carmo 
  • AngelsTale Art

    AngelsTale Art (or Angel) is an artist from Vancouver, Canada.
    She creates bunnies (which she calls Pillpets), cute and fangirl related merch and design, hugely inspired by kawaii aesthetic, japan, anime and games! With the goal of sharing and spreading positivity and joy through her bunny Pillpets and other creations! She is also a gamer and a casual streamer who nourishes a small community of like-minded individuals who loves creating and games!

    Get a free Puglie x Pillpet Sticker with your order!

    Visit AngelsTale Art 
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