Casetify x Puglie Pug

Casetify x Puglie Pug

Casetify needs no introduction, but just in case you haven’t stumbled upon them yet - Casetify is best known for their stylish and quality phone cases! They offer full customization in case colors, levels of protection, and designs from official brands and artists! If you wanted something unique to you, you can literally create your own design from scratch on their site! They also carry other tech accessories to deck out your wares - Airpod cases, Apple Wrist watches, laptop sleeves, and more!

I’ve seen Casetify around many-a-time! Protecting people’s phones and sponsoring some of my favourite Youtubers haha! So imagine my surprise when I see that name show up in my inbox - am I dreaming?

Thankfully I wasn’t, but it was a dream come true!

For the Puglie x Casetify collaboration, since it was the first one ever, we decided to do things a lil bit differently. Instead of featuring Puglie as some of his most popular foods, we decided to shine the spotlight on Puglie living his best pug life! Simply letting Puglie be Puglie.

The decision to showcase Puglie's unique charm and personality aligned perfectly with both brands' philosophies. Casetify is all about expressing yourself through your gadgets, and by featuring Puglie as himself, this collaboration became a celebration of whimsical self-expression, and the joy of being true to who you are.

Puglie may be a little pug, but he has big dreams!

After deciding on, and creating, a handful of designs, and curating the collection to be more bespoke, I eagerly waited for the samples and arranged an outting with my partner and our friends to have a photoshoot with the Puglie x Casetify products!

I’m always so self-conscious and awkward when it comes to photoshoots out in public, so I’m immensely grateful my partner and friends are ready to own the show. And gosh, everything turned out so ridiculously perfect! Just look!

The collection that emerged from this collaboration was a vibrant explosion of colors, patterns, and Puglie's unmistakable charm. I’m so happy to see so many fans support the lil poot through Casetify, that Puglie is there to protect everyone’s precious handheld computers throughout all adventures, and that a little bit of whimsy and joy is sprinkled in to everyone’s day to day!

Through this collaboration, I not only got to check off a collaboration goal I had, but also reconnect with a university friend who just so happened to be working for Casetify and was the one to pitch Puglie to her lead as a potential brand to work with.

I hope the Puglie x Casetify collaboration was as fun for you as it was for me! Thank you for letting Puglie be a part of your journey in self-expression, and thank you Casetify for making all this possible! 

Check out the collection Puglie x Casetify collection here!

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