Read me first!


Do you ship worldwide?

Everywhere except for the UK and Brazil (sorry!)

How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders are prepped and packed on Mondays, shipped on Tuesdays!
Orders placed before Monday will make it for Tuesday shipping!

Shipping times from Vancouver, British Columbia:
Within Vancouver: 2-3 Business Days
Canada: 2-10 Business Days
United States: 4-20 Business Days
International: 8-22 Business Days

I also live in Vancouver, can I save on shipping and meet up instead?

I can't personally offer this due to my schedule, but you can adopt Puglie via some local stores!

What conventions will you be exhibiting at?

Check out my Events page for my schedule!

What stores is Puglie in?

Check the Puglie Mall to find what physical locations have Puglies ready for adoption!

Can I use a Puglie for my brand, tattoo, custom gift, etc?

Any usage for branding (i.e. logo, Twitch emote, mascot, etc) is prohibited!

For one off usages like tattoos, custom gifts, and whatnot, please take a look at the Image Usage Licensing Fee!

Unsure where your idea falls in to? Feel free to send me a message below and ask!

I think I found counterfeit Puglie stuff!

Puglie gets stolen often from peepeepoopoo people trying to profit off my work :<

If you suspect a product is fake online or in your local store, please don't hesitate to message me below!

Come laugh at my little vent Twitter of stolen Puglies.

Do you do wholesale or consignment for stores?

Thank you so much for the interest in my lil pug!

I'd love to know more about you and your shop, so please contact me via the form below or email me at and let's get something started :D !

Got more questions, or need to tell me something? Send me a message!

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