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Image Usage Licensing Fee

Image Usage Licensing Fee

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The Image Usage Fee is for a single purpose, personal use of any one preexisting Puglie design I have posted. It is a greatly-appreciated payment to support me and my work.

This fee does NOT grant you the ownership to my intellectual property (Puglie Pug, Ollie Pug, and any other art I have created), nor does it allow you to use my intellectual property for commercial uses (i.e. using the artwork to print on other merchandise for sale for your own monetary gains).

Any artwork mentioned as a commission cannot be used.

Usage is not exclusive - another person may request the same artwork.

Price is for image usage only!
No additional rendering, processing, nor set up will be done by the Puglie Team.


I'm super honoured there's a Puglie you found that you love so much!

After paying the image usage fee, you're welcome to grab a Puglie design to pitch to your tattoo artist.

The tattoo artist can also feel free to change aspects of the image to better fit the tattoo!

I'd also love to see the results if you'd like to tag me on any of my socials!

Personal Gift

Did you find a Puglie design you'd love to gift someone? Did you want to add a little extra flair?

After paying the image usage fee, you're welcome to use the art you found, add the person's name or some other art around it, and print the design once on the intended gift item for non-commercial, personal use.

If you're looking for Puglie on waterbottles, various bodies of apparel, mugs, or more, be sure to check out the Puglie Mall!

Twitch Alert

As a Twitch alert, Puglie can pop up whenever you receive a follower, a subscriber, a donation, whatever the case!

I would greatly prefer you not use Puglie as your Twitch emotes or overlay! Your Twitch should be a representation of you and your brand, and those areas are prime real estate for what you're all about!

I'm grateful if you choose to support me via the image usage fee, but you can also find Puglie on Giphy for free! In which case, I'd appreciate credit leading back to in one of your panels!

Feel free to drop in Puglie's Twitch to say hi!

Event RSVP

Wedding? Party? Family feast?

Whatever the occassion that requires you to send out Save-The-Date Cards, after paying the Image Usage Fee, you or your graphic designer may use the chosen Puglie for those decorating needs!

The graphic designer can also feel free to change aspects of the image to better fit the design!

What about a larger project?

If you have a larger project in mind, say Puglie as a wedding favour, or a team shirt, please contact me below with your project idea!

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