My Anti-Asian Hate Fundraiser

My Anti-Asian Hate Fundraiser

Image of Euge Leung standing in front of a blue container wearing a Gummie Puglie patterned mask, and a White Rabbit Puglie Pin on a blue sweater.

I'm a first generation immigrant from Hong Kong who grew up in a Canadian city that's predominantly made up of East Asian immigrants. Growing up, outside of some usual shittiness that kids can be, I was lucky in not experiencing the feeling of "other". I always felt safe, accepted, and connected with this city, and so did my parents. Grocery stores that had snacks and drinks I'd recognize, and restaurants where my mom could casually call the waiters "beautiful girl" or "handsome boy". It was all so familiar.

Puglie Chocolate Pocky Sticker posing in front of red Chocolate Pocky packaging

Witnessing the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, especially footage of racist cowards targeting elders, made me furious, but even more so, scared for my parent's safety. I felt heartache for every grandma and grandpa that feared for their wellbeing. For the first time in my life, I was on edge walking through my downtown streets. I was so ready for some random racist to yell at me, push my partner, or even just be a witness to someone else being harassed. And I was ready to fight - even if I was going to lose. I had all this anger and frustration inside of me, yet I felt like I could do so little.

Puglie Brown Sugar Bubble Tea sticker on top of a pulled out small fortune drawers.

This anger still lingers, but I knew I couldn't just spend my time picking fights and ripping down posters. Instead, I did what I do best - draw a stupid pug to make stupid pug things. And that's how we ended up here, a year and half later (after all the delays and manufacturing woes).

Yakult Puglie sticker placed in front of a pack of Yakult.

I'm dedicating this fundraiser to the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation - 50%* of profits from Puglies in the Anti-Asian Hate Fundraiser will be donated in hopes that it will help the foundation continue building a stronger and safer community, along with protecting the history and culture of our Chinatown.

White Rabbit Puglie Sticker in front of a pack of White Rabbit candy.

Fundraising will start Jan. 17th and end Feb. 1 at 11:59pm PT!
I hope you’ll all enjoy the handful of poots that were inspired by East Asian foods and drinks that I grew up with and love!

*Some of you may be wondering, but Euge, why not 100% of profits?!
Truth be told, the last 2 years have been extremely rough for Puglie, and it may continue to be even rougher. I would love to be in the position to raise funds for 100% profit donation, but as a small business owner in these times, I have to make do with what I can 😞

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I am Asian too, and I understand the Asian hate. I myself have been faced with some racial slurs, and I think this hate should be stopped. Now when can I dono


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