3 Tiny Puglies in a Strawberry Dessert Waffle with the Ki Cafe leaf logo stuck in vanilla ice cream. Text in the background says "Berry Good Day"

Ki Cafe Collaboration and Pop Up

Ki Cafe is an manga-forest gem in Burnaby, British Columbia. You must be wondering, "Euge, what does that even mean?" Well, just look!

Whether you're meeting to catch up with friends or seeking some solo time, this is the place to be. Explore a wide array of manga and art books, enjoy a sip of your favourite bubble tea, and indulge in snacks, meals, desserts, or all of the above!

Inside Ki Cafe view with a large fake tree along the wall and many white tables fill the cafe.
View of wall shelves with anime figurines and the cashier counter with hanging leaves along the walls.

This was Ki Cafe's first ever Artist Pop Up, and I'm forever honoured to have been chosen for it alongside my friend Sushiboiiiyy.

Ki Cafe Pop Up image with Mini Puglies interacting with a strawberry waffle.

I knew for sure an exclusive sticker was in order, as it's become a staple item for all my collaborations. For the first time though, paper coasters were requested and I was excited. I was like, "Wow, like actual Japanese pop-up cafes! I really hope people will want to collect them!"

Ki Cafe Pop Up image advertising the exclusive sticker and coaster by Puglie Pug and SushiBoiiiyy

The biggest surprise was the cafe's exclusive menu items created just for our pop-up! It's incredibly meaningful to me when collaborators contribute their expertise in creating something that captures Puglie's charm. Just look at these roll cakes and drinks – they were absolutely phenomenal!

Ki Cafe Pop Up image showing the exclusive drinks inspired by Puglie Pug and Sushiboiiiyy

In addition to these cakes, I was surprised by macarons commissioned by Ki Cafe from Krista, they were so delicious! Gah, what a treat - she surprised me the morning of Saturday while I was still setting up 🥺💖

It was a fantastic, heartwarming, fulfilling two days!

Ki Cafe, Sushiboiiiyy, and I were all floored by the amount of support - there were line ups out the door! A lot of people came out just for us, but we were also a pleasant surprise to patrons who weren't aware of the special event!

Puglie Roll Cakes flew off the shelves by mid-day on both days, and the macarons sold out completely on the first day, with just a few reserved for the second day, although they disappeared quickly as well.

I never actually got to eat a roll cake because I was so busy, but I'm glad he was enjoyed by everyone that wanted him 🥺💖

The liveliness in such an aesthetic cafe was a very welcome change of scenery from the warehouse settings I'm used to in convention centres. It was truly such a warm, relaxing, and vibrant atmosphere, which was made possible by the cafe's "No Tablet and Laptop" policy.

It's a bummer for students wanting a beautiful place to work at; however, this encourages people to converse with each other, enjoy something together, and contribute to the good vibes in the cafe. Instead of sitting in silence for hours staring at a laptop, people naturally finish their stays and make room for others wanting to enjoy the small cafe.

Truly, the greatest HP boost is the overwhelming heartfelt support I received from fans - new and old 💖

  • I loved that a girl saw people carrying the Puglie gift bags outside the cafe and asked them where they got him 👀
  • I was overjoyed to know that two girls visiting from LA stumbled upon the cafe, and one of them recognized Puglie from online and had to come support, and funny enough, her friend and I chatted a lot about IP Law 🤣
  • The warmth I felt when a good handful of long time supporters showed me their well loved Puglie zipper bags. Thank you 🥺
  • My soul is so full from the family that drove out from Vancouver to Burnaby just for me, paying as little as they can for the parking meter (relatable), and adopting so many poots because they rarely get to catch me at bigger events, oh my gosh! 😭💖
  • I was shook by the two Americans from Everett, Washington that drove across the border wearing my Roly Poly Doughy Hoodie and Puglie Pins - thank you so very much, I can't even! 🙏

I left this event feeling truly recharged, and I can't express my gratitude enough to Ki Cafe for this incredible opportunity, as well as to Sushiboiiiyy for exhibiting alongside me! In all my collaborations, my aim is for it to be a mutually supportive experience, and I was overjoyed to hear that it was, especially for Ki Cafe.

Thank you for joining us, showing your support, and sharing your appreciation. These special events wouldn't be the same without you, and I sincerely hope I'll have more opportunities to spread Puglie's joyful magic to even more unexpected places in the future!

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